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Ages 0-3 are critical for your child’s development. Mindsprout shows you exactly what you can do in any moment to advance the skills most important to your child’s growth.

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You don’t have time for generic advice or a laundry list of activity ideas. Neither do we.

Mindsprout helps you fit the latest developmental science into your unique parenting style, giving you what you need to know to be sure you and your little learner are making the most of your precious time together.

Parenting is personal.
So is Mindsprout.

Based on short prompts and periodic audio analysis, Mindsprout learns and grows with your child.

Every single day, Mindsprout gets better at suggesting the most beneficial activities for your child and at helping you understand your child’s one-of-a-kind development.

Goodbye guesswork.
Hello peace-of-mind.

See exactly how the time you spend with your child supports his or her development.

Track your child’s progress over time, capture key milestones to share with friends and family, and be immediately alerted of any signs of developmental delays.

The Mindsprout Toolbox

Currently, Mindsprout is focused on supporting language and literacy development. 

Every day you will receive a personalized activity suggestion, focused on building the next most important skill in your child’s repertoire. Every so often you’ll be prompted to record your child’s responses to the suggested activities – these recordings transform into a visual roadmap of your child’s unique development trajectory.

Here are the five core areas you’ll explore with Mindsprout:

Language Essentials

Use words and conversation to establish a strong foundation for future learning. Chit chat your way to linguistic brilliance!

Cognitive Connections

Build processing abilities and understanding, including foundational math and science concepts. Put your baby’s 100 billion neurons to work!

Social-Emotional Roots

Strengthen self-regulation, self-conception and relationship building. No one wants to raise a smart, successful meanie!

Literacy Foundations

Boost reading engagement, a love of books, and early literacy skills from birth. Share book love with your babe and you’ll have yourself a scholar!

Trusty Teaching Techniques

Defeat the pests of parenting: ineffective trends, words of unwisdom, and false science. We recommend helpful strategies based on the latest developmental science to engage your child at their current level and help lift them up to the next one.

Parent Testimonials

It really is personalized. It’s not just ideas that you might be able to apply or might fit your child. It’s actually based on things you are doing. It helped me be more purposeful and thoughtful with my son.

– First-Time Dad, Washington, DC

I’m always reading up on things, so I totally didn’t expect to learn something new out of this. I thought it would just give me some statistics… But when it told me concrete things to do, I was like ‘oh, wow ok, that’s info that I can actually take and use.’

– First-Time Mom, Boston, MA

I like seeing the data right there in front of me. I’m a really visual person. Having the benchmarks gives me a clear goal to aim for. And the suggestions all have concrete examples, so I know exactly what to do.

– Mom of Two, Toronto, CAN

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We encourage you to join the hundreds of other parents who have already joined the Mindsprout community. Some are helping us test early versions of the product and others are waiting for the real deal.

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Harvard Graduate School of Education

“There is a clear need for Mindsprout. They are using complex technology and research to turn parents into brain builders.”

– Education Panelist, Harvard GSE Innovation & Education Ventures 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“This is a great idea. With a new generation becoming parents, the Mindsprout mobile app creates a solution that will continuously be more accepted in solving parenting problems. This is one of the best laid plans I have seen.”

– Technology Investor, MIT $100k Competition

Parent Superfans

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Chetan: King of the Playground

Chetan is a social entrepreneur with experience founding and growing institutions in the private and social sectors.

Kristy: Boss of Brain Building

Kristy is a mom of two cherished little learners. She’s also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a licensed principal, and has masters degrees in teaching, educational leadership, and human development. She’s worked with hundreds of families to support evidence-based early learning.

David: Master of the Sandcastle

David is a full-stack engineer with expertise in signal processing, voice recognition technology, machine-assisted emotion detection, and human-centric systems design.